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South America

Come mountain biking, road cycling, and hiking in Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Bolivia. All very different holidays, but with several things in common, from the Andes to the Incas. You'll find great lakes, barren high plains, forests, history, challenge and excitement, all with the expert care of local guides.

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Enjoy a true South America bike tour with stunning scenery and luxurious accommodation in our Chile & Argentina Road cycling tour, or head to the Patagonian region for our mountain biking tour of Argentina, and see the 'Switzerland of the Andes'.

You'll need to be fit for our mountain biking tour in dramatic scenery in Chile and Bolivia. This tour includes a huge downhill with a 4400 m descent. And if you prefer seeing the world on 2 legs not 2 wheels, find out why Peru's Machu Piccu is one of the new 7 wonders of the world.

Road Cycling Tours

Chile & Argentina Cycling Tour - 12 Days

Cycle the Lake and Volcano Districts of Chile and Argentina 12 Days Temuco to Puerto Montt

Great cycling, scenery and beautiful accommodation in the lake and volcano districts of Chile & Argentina.

  • Road cycling
from $5,834 NZD
Chile & Argentina Road Cycling Tour - 12 Days Best Travel Times: November - March

Lifestyle Tours

Amazon River Cruise - 4 Days

Peru Lifestyle Tour 4 Days Iquitos to Iquitos

Sail the waters of the mighty Amazon. Spend 3 nights on board a luxurious boat while you sail deep into Peru's Amazon wilderness.

  • Lifestyle
from $4,245 NZD
Peru - Amazon Cruise Lifestyle Tour - 4 Days Best Travel Times: June - November

Mountain Biking Tours

Argentina Mountain Biking Tour

14 Days Puerto Montt to Temuco

It's a Patagonian paradise! Take to the Andes in this fun tour of the Lake District of Argentina and Chile.

  • Mountain biking
from $4,545 NZD
14 Day Argentina Mountain Biking Tour Best Travel Times: October - March

Salta: Argentina Mountain Biking Tour

Northern Argentina: Salta mountain bike tour 8 Days Salta to Jujuy

Join us on a bike tour in northern Argentina, exploring the fascinating landscapes of the Salta region.

  • Mountain biking
from $3,869 NZD
Argentina Mountain Bike Tour Best Travel Times: March - May / September - October

Peru Mountain Biking Tour - 6 Days

Manu Biosphere Reserve - Tres Cruces & Cloud Forest to Rainforest 6 Days Cusco to Cusco

Experience a special mountain biking adventure through the Amazon jungle.

  • Mountain biking
from $2,213 NZD
Peru Mountain Biking - 6 Days Best Travel Times: May - October

High Altitude Cycling Tours

Chile & Bolivia High Altitude Cycling Tour

15 Days Arica to La Paz

Great highs and great contrasts await in the Andes of Chile and Bolivia, from deserts to vibrant cities, hard climbs to possibly the world's longest downhill.

  • High altitude cycling
from $4,627 NZD
Chile and Bolivia High Altitude Cycling Tour, South America Best Travel Times: June - August

Hiking Tours

Peru Hiking Tour of The Inca Trail

6 Days Cusco to Cusco

Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. Be amazed by the beauty and preservation of this 15th century site.

  • Hiking
from $1,757 NZD
Hiking Tour of the Inca Trail, Peru | Global Adventure Guide Best Travel Times: May - September